Mini Mantras

I’ve been quite busy with my return to work and just being a parent in general. Finding time to cook, clean, shop, run errands, apply for various things, fill out appropriate paperwork, getting my eldest to school, finding child minding for my youngest, and so forth… I just can’t seem to find time for myself outside of a daily shower.

I’m not complaining, though… These moments are fleeting. This, too, shall pass. There will be a day where I will look into my empty home and realize that my kids are now adults and no longer need me. There will be a day where they will have their own families. There will be a day when I will be selfishly heart broken that they no longer need me as much and that I can’t pick them up for a snuggle. There will be a day when I won’t need to worry about daycare or making sure three people are fed rather than just myself.

I’m getting sappy, aren’t I? 😛

I love the saying “This, too, shall pass.” The tantrums will pass. But so will the snuggles from your toddler. So will the bed time routines. This, too, shall pass. The saying is true and although it is usually used in the context of stressful situations, it also applies to the common saying of “Enjoy them while they’re young.”

Another thing I often tell myself is “I am not having a bad day. My kids are.” I am not the victim of being a parent. I chose to be a parent. I owe my kids patience.  I owe them a happy child hood. More importantly, they deserve it!

That said, I’ll hop off my high horse standing atop a pedestal and say that everyone has a breaking point. Not all homes are spic and span (but damn it, if there is mould growing on your dishes, get your butt into gear). Some parents will have a day where they will lock themselves in the bathroom and think “What have I gotten myself into?”  Normal. You’re normal.  🙂

Random rant or something. I’m not sure what the point of this post is.

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