Monday Motivation :: To Do List

Good morning, beautiful!  How was your weekend?  I hope you were able to have a wonderful Christmas weekend <3

This week is all about getting tidied up and organized. With the decimation… Or um, the handing out of the Christmas gifts that were hogging my closet last week, I will finish tidying up that sink hole of random junk and show you guys the finished result. I will also be tackling my pantry; Christmas decorations and such will be put away next week, after New Years as tradition suggests 🙂

What is on your to do list for this week? Here’s mine!


  • Maternity Monday Update Video
  • Pantry Clean Up (upstairs pantry)
  • Begin meal planning


  • Blog: Tidy Tuesday Pantry Clean Up With Tips for Food Storage Rescheduled 🙂
  • Edit video of pantry clean-up
  • Bake a few loafs of bread with Aine! Cancelled due to sick kids and a nice, dead car battery that needed replacement. $$$
  • Scrub the Tub (downstairs)


  • Blog: Personal Updates and Chit Chat (What do you want to know?) 
  • Video: Pantry Clean Up :: Cleaning Info Japanese Candy Sushi with Kids
  • Visit Aunty Liz’s Homestead Cancelled due to taking the kids swimming, instead.


  • Blog: Thrifty Thursday: What Knits Am I Working On?
  • Post clothing items for sale on Facebook
  • Consolidate week 3 Notes from BSN semester 5
  • Today ended up being a gong show due to family events. Fortunately, our loved one is okay, but it wsa a scary day with a trip to the ER.


  • Instagram belly update 😛
  • Video: Personal Chit Chat; Christmas wrap-up & Should I sell my car??
  • Make sure all of Kai’s gifts are ready for opening on his return <3
  • Blog: Frugal Friday: What meals was I able to make? How much did I spend this week?

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