Monday To Do List, December 19th

The last week until Christmas. I can’t believe it has come so quick! I still feel like it’s November, how about you?

  • Monday
    • Christmas shopping…
    • Make ice box cookie dough 🙂
    • Video: Maternity Monday
    • Organize bedroom desk and dressers
  • Tuesday
    • Midwife appointment
    • Ultrasound
    • Christmas shopping wrap-up
    • Try to finish up remaining wrapping
  • Wednesday
    • Ready fridge for tomorrow’s organics box
    • Video: What I got the three kids for Christmas
    • Clean bathrooms 😐
  • Thursday
    • Pull out ice box cookie dough
    • General tidying and cleaning of the house
  • Friday
    • Make cookies!
    • Video: My Christmas plans
    • Pass out and grow a human being
  • Saturday
    • Prepare dish to share at Christmas dinner
    • Christmas dinner!
    • Christmas movie <3
    • Wait up for Santa Claus
  • Sunday (Christmas!)
    • Christmas with the kids. Unfortunately, my stepson will be with his other half of the family. This was supposed to be our first year with all of the kids together on Christmas morning… First time ever, and this will be our 4th Christmas, but he and his mom are going away to visit an ill family member, so it’s very understandable. As we alternate every year, it will be at least another two years before we have a collective Christmas morning.

What are your Christmas plans?

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