Monday To-Do List… On a Tuesday

I don’t have a lot of ambition for this week; I have a paper due next week and so will be spending a lot of time working on that. Monday marked Halloween, which was eventful as always with the two kiddies running around like it was the best day of their life — a little humbling fun that was very-much needed. I start in clinical practice this week, which entails waking up early… And for a pregnant person, that means very early beds and very low energy/motivation at home. With that said, here is my to-attempt-to-do list.

  • Tubs and toilets. I’ve been slacking on this. Daily wipe-downs happen peri-toilet area, but not “cleaning.”
  • Clear-out Halloween decorations.
  • Finish paper 🙂
  • Help Aine clean her room up. She spent a lot of time on her Halloween costume. Creative minds, messy areas.
  • Meal plan remaining items of Sunshine Organics box.

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