Mondays! Wonderful Mondays

haha. Just kidding!

Today marks my second day off in a row! How sweet is that? I’ve been picking up shifts a lot lately, so haven’t really had much down time.

My honey spent the past two weekends fixing up the bathroom for our landlords, which included completely replacing the ceiling due to water damage. He used a pine board style ceiling, which looks amazing in our little bathroom. He replaced the light fixture and had a go at replacing the fan, but the electrical wiring was a little too… Strange? It’s an older house and had a few homeowner fixes done to it, so the wiring was very wonky.

Pine Wood Ceiling

That said, the bathroom is due for a good cleaning today as dust got into the tiny crevices that no human ever knew existed.

Here’s my Monday To Do List:

  • Poly up the windows in the living room for winter
  • Remove all items from the bathroom medicine cabinet. Clean said items and dust the cabinet.
  • Bathtub upstairs and downstairs
  • Toilet upstairs and downstairs
  • Sweep and mop both bathrooms and kitchen floor
  • Make dentist appointments
  • Make an eye appointment for myself
  • Make a hearing appointment (ack!) For myself
  • Finish all laundry and put all away (not bad, we do keep up on it, but mm fresh sheets)
  • Plan out the meals for the week
  • Get something started for dinner
  • Find and start learning a video editing software
  • Work on a few more chapters of Hencke’s Med-Math
  • Take my kiddos outside for some time in nature after the eldest is back from school

Although we keep a clean house, there are still weekly tasks. This weeks is just a little more intense of a clean in the bathroom given the recent construction. And laundry has been a little daunting while the youngest learns to live life without diapers on at night.

What is your Monday (or week’s) To Do list?

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