My Friend is Home From Australia

My friend and her little family have come home to Canada for a visit from Australia.

I haven’t yet met her little one as he was born in Australia, so I am super excited to meet little Jasper! Chantelle created a blog to chronicle their travelling adventures and I wanted to drop a little note to share her blog with you guys. Check it out by clicking this link.

I might get a chance to photograph the cute little family, though I don’t think my schedule will be too forgiving in order to accommodate them. I have one more day off before I back to working 12s; two days and two nights, then kindergarten starts for my youngest at the two older kids are back to school, then I’m back to school the following day. This will be an interesting month as we navigate life once more with work, school, and children.

September marks the first month where we will be having the ravenous preteen living with us full time as his mom pursues her education in a more southern college. I have a feeling life is about to become very hectic! Wish us luck.

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