Naturebond, Haakaa, BWinka Silicone Manual Suction Breast Pump

Comparing BWinka and NatureBond Manual Breast Pumps

I have no idea what they actually call these things. I have heard them referred to as breast pumps, silicone breast pumps, milk catchers, Haakaa’s, manual pumps, etc.. I believe Haakaa was the original creator of this pump, however, I purchased mine off of, so I purchased the BWinka breast pump. The seller sent the wrong item, so I ordered the NatureBond breast pump as I wanted to ensure I had it in time for baby’s arrival. Well, BWinka sent me a pump at the same time and I wasn’t able to cancel my NatureBond order, so I have two of these breast pumps, which makes for an interesting blog post as now I can compare the two for you lovely people!

The cast of characters: BWinka and NatureBond Breast Pumps

Soft Manual Breast Pumps

Bwinka in Yellow and Naturebond in white

From afar, the only real difference you can see is the apparent logo for NatureBond and the different-coloured caps.



When you look closer, you can see that the overall designs and patterns on these breast pumps are identical. Identical! The exceptions are that the NatureBond manual breast pump is made from a thicker silicone and feels more sturdy, while the BWinka is definitely made of a thinner silicone mold.

Foreign lettering on the BWinka

Foreign lettering on the BWinka

NatureBond logo

NatureBond logo

Taking a closer look, the main two differences on visual inspection is the BWinka has writing on the side of it while the NatureBond has its logo.



The manual silicon breast pumps have the same flange and overall shape, although the BWinka looks slightly more slender than the NatureBond; likely due to the thin silicone rather than the thicker one that NatureBond has. Functionally, this doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Bwinka versus NatureBond

Bwinka versus NatureBond

Bwinka versus NatureBond Side View

Bwinka versus NatureBond Side View


Here is an important difference between the two manual pumps: Testing the measurement markers! Hindsight, I shouldn’t have used warm water as it fogged up the pumps, but I digress. I was very surprised to see that the winner of this challenge was actually the cheap knock-off, BWinka! Naturebond was off by about 5 mL, making it look like there was more than there actually was inside the pump. What a bummer that will be to some moms using the pump’s measurement guide when they pour their milk out into storage containers or bags and realize that they are down by x mLs and need to go back to pump more!

BWinka's measuring of 30 mLs

BWinka’s measuring of 30 mLs

Nature Bond's 30 mLs measuring at 35 mL

Nature Bond’s 30 mLs measuring at 35 mL


I used a tablespoon to measure out 30 mLs (or one ounce), of warm water into each of the pumps in order to compare the two.


Side-by-side comparison of the same amount of liquid


I actually have found this pump beneficial to have as it is easy to take along on trips and to just grab and go last-minute. It is only one part to clean, easy to squish into the remaining crevices of a diaper bag, etc.. To pump, apply some suction to the pump and gently squeeze in rhythm to encourage letdown, then let the gentle suction do its work.

I hate to say it, but I don’t feel like there was much benefit in purchasing the name brand versus the knock-off. They both did their job very well; both made from the same material as far as I could tell. One came in a fancy box with a carrying pouch (NatureBond) while the other came in a fairly cheap box with a picture of the product in use–but with the nipple comically censored–vacuumed sealed within.

If you’re looking for a nifty, unique gift for a baby shower I would recommend getting one of these for the mom-to-be if she plans on breastfeeding.

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