No Screen Mondays? Reclaim Family Time

Laptops, cell phones, TV, computers, tablets, hand held video games, console games… It is too easy to get swept up into technology. It really eats away at family time. No matter how old you or your kids are, it is always important to spend quality time together. Time undistracted by “screens.”

Put the phones down, guys!

Put the phones down, guys!

My sister in law mentioned a few weeks ago that she had started a “no screen” day, where after work, all screens are turned off and they just spend time doing activities as a family. Board games, card games, cooking, baking, or just plain old chatting. Remember when we used to talk as a family without checking our emails or text messages?

Photo above was taken a few weeks ago while my mom was down for a visit and we were all at my sister’s house. My sister, her husband, and my mom are all on their iPhones playing tiny tower. It’s a pretty addictive game, but come on! Stop stocking your towers and let’s hang out.

I may or may not have stocked my own Tiny Tower after snapping the picture.

I challenge you readers to  turn off your electronics one day per week and see how it feels! Take life back. Stop wasting it on electronics. Get active, get fit, get talking.

I work online for spare cash, so I will be doing no screens until bed time… I don’t have a partner to spend quality time with after the kids are in bed, so I’ll just have a date with my laptop and get to work instead 😛

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