Pregnancy, Week 15.

We are now 15 weeks pregnant. I have a little bit of a bump, but for the most part I can still suck it in, which leads me to believe it is mostly just my guts being pushed up. I can feel my uterus just under my belly button, still.

Nausea is still bad at times. It comes in waves for the most part and my mornings usually include an encounter with emesis. Fortunately, I haven’t thrown up in the afternoon or night time since the first trimester. The amount of nausea is so small compared with my other healthy pregnancies, that it leaves me a little nervous about the health of the baby and pregnancy. Pair that with my bump seemingly being small compared with when I was pregnant with Keagan. With that said, at my last midwife appointment at 14 weeks, she said that I was measuring around 16 weeks (even though technically, it’s too early to measure the fundal height). It was reassuring. I am awaiting my anatomy scan appointment.

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My changeover day is Fridays, so hopefully I will have time to start doing these updates every Friday rather than randomly during the week… We’ll see… hehe


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