Pregnancy Week 22; Update and Vlog

Today, we are 22 weeks pregnant! I’m not sure if this falls under 5 months or 6 months, so I’ll go with 5 months until I hit 24 weeks. I have an ultrasound scheduled on Tuesday to check out baby’s spine, since the little gaffer was lined up with my spine through the last ultrasound so we didn’t get a good visualization of it. Everything else looks great for baby.

My symphysis pubis dysfunction did get the best of me and I have been placed on medical leave, which is both good and bad. I feel horrible for having to cancel three weeks worth of full-time shifts during what we a call high risk staffing period–it is at times difficult to keep staffing levels appropriate and safe during holidays, flu season, and snow/icy road conditions. If I didn’t have someone else telling me it’s time to throw in the towel, I would be forcing myself through the shifts and ending up in agony, potentially dislocating my pelvis like last pregnancy. I’m stubborn like that. :T

I talk more about it in my vlog. Comment, like, and subscribe:

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