Setting Up For Our First “Habit”

Dining table

Dining Table

The first challenge I will be taking on with my family is the “Eating as a Family.” What better way to announce what a bad job I’m doing at being a girlfriend and a mom than to say I need to challenge myself in order to get a home cooked meal on the table for my family?

I shall begin this challenge on the 7th of February… Is it February already? Holy cow!

Some things that might get in the way:

  • A picky eater as a boyfriend who insists he isn’t a picky eater.
  • A schedule that includes a lot of evening shifts… These will be slow cooker days where boyfriend and daughter will have to carry on with the habit forming tasks alone! Alone with a home cooked meal I’ll prepare, so don’t give them too much sympathy, alright? Alright? Good.
  • I’m lazy. Especially the day after I come off from an evening shift. They suck the life right out of me.

You know what? When I write it out, it sounds like such a cheesy, easy challenge. But we always fail to do this. It’s on! I’ll carry family members to the table slumped over my shoulder if I have to. We’re making this habit work, damn it!

This is just the first challenge of many I will plunge into on this site. Feel free to tag a long and prepare yourself to join in on the twenty one day challenges as we visit them!

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