Starbucks Instant Coffee…

I’m a member of reddit and recently participated in a mug exchange by signing up at I received a mug with some Starbucks instant coffee as well as Nestcafe instant coffee. This morning, I am drinking the Starbucks and oh my goodness… It’s actually really good!

I’ve tried instant coffees before and they usually taste like day-old coffee or something else equally as gross. This coffee tastes like it’s fresh brewed. Score! I should keep a few packets on hand for emergencies 😀

Since I’m talking about coffee, I took the time yesterday to give my coffee makers a good cleaning. I have a Hamilton Beach brew station and a Tassimo. The drip coffee maker is easy enough to clean, but after almost two years of owning the tassimo, I have only recently discovered that the disc piercing unit comes apart. I almost wish I hadn’t discovered that, because stuck inside of one of the pieces was about an inch of coagulated coffee crap. Oh my jesus. No wonder the coffee was so flavourful lately… *Shudder*

Gentle reminder for everyone: Clean your coffee makers real well! Run vinegar through it once or twice and then brew plain water to rinse it out. I try to clean my coffee makers at least once a month — outside of rinsing between uses, that is.

Anyway. Back to drinking my delicious Starbucks. Nom.

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  1. I used our work Tassimo (there’s only two of us in the office!) for coffee and tea initially so I quickly had to work out how to take it to pieces to clean :X If you only drink the same drinks I guess it’s easy to not notice the difference in taste, lol, but the coffee-flavoured tea was GROSS! Those machines get dirty quickly.

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