Swept Away in Other Projects

I think it’s time I return to this website. I had been working on another, more controversial website, which I grew bored of… I was using a lot of reference material and could not get into a good enough “Zone” to do proper research to present my articles in an unbiased way since our baby has been a very active kiddo.

I’ll update you all about our hairy little girl in another post!

I also started working on a new project that I am excited to share. I haven’t finished it fully yet and my older daughter and I are still working on a prototype, but it is coming very soon. I’m happy to say that there will finally be a Canadian-Made Fort Kit for purchase. A real, sturdy fort kit! One that won’t costs over 200 dollars, plus 70 dollars in shipping, plus import fees… Uhg. An affordable and locally-made fort kit made by a fort-loving kid.

Check out the in-progress website for X Forts at GuessX.com

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