Tidy Tuesday! Decluttering and Minimizing

To say I am going to try to be a minimalist would be a very large stretch. With that said, the state of my bedroom is in utter despair, after have neglected it for months while accumulating things from work, school, the children, and so forth. I have paperwork on every surface, loose change begging to be found in every crevice, and an abundance of random clothing.

I have decided that there are a few things I ought to focus on for this week: My closet, my attire, and my paperwork.

My Closetcloset

My closet is a hot mess. A hot mess, y’all. I have enough clothes in there to clothe my entire extended family with a week’s worth of change. There is a box in there that has yet to be sorted, even though it moved in with us two years ago. A sewing machine, the world’s best foot bath, and… A secret stash of Christmas gifts (Psst…come back tomorrow to see the video of “What I Got My Three Children For Christmas”).


This closet has been giving my partner grief long enough and it’s high time I did something about it to help him reclaim his space in our collective closet. Clearing this out will also allow for better organization.

My Attire 

Most of my clothing is form-fitting, outdated, and abundant. It is time that I go through and put away things I will not fit into in one month’s time, donate items I no longer wear, throw out items that are no longer worthy of body adornment, and reintroduce some maternity items. Looking at my stash, I have a lot of active wear…A lot.

I’m obviously not going to be fitting into many of my regular clothes, so there is no reason to keep them upstairs in the closet, cluttering it to ‘ell. Also, I have quite a few sets of scrubs that I will not be wearing anytime soon, so those will go into storage as well.


I have school work that I will be going through and consolidating so that I can burn or recycle what notes I have from school. I also have pertinent tax receipts that I will keep handy in order to file my taxes properly.

I have forms I need to fill out for my EI and benefits, as well as for work documentation.

There is also a bunch of miscellaneous bills that I like to keep on hand for 7 years. Because I am paranoid and I’m bound to be audited sooner or later, even though I am diligent with my handling of affairs. It’s just my luck 😛

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