Tidy Tuesday :: Hold Yer Horses

I had every intention of waking up this morning and starting on a pantry overhaul, however, the universe had other plans for me. And I’m okay with that! Instead, my kids and partner let me sleep in until almost noon, which is very much unheard of for me. I suppose it helped that I didn’t fall asleep until 1 am and was up at 6 am until 8:30 am or so, then fell back asleep which rarely happens. Score! On the downside, I woke up with a very empty stomach, which means that I woke up extra sick feeling and had a good bathroom session or two. My stomach is settling down a little now. Hurray for morning sickness at 23 weeks pregnancy 🙂

My kids are also intent on using their Christmas gifts, some of which require some help, so my day has been revolved around that and a potential trip to their grandma’s house.

Before we head out on some adventure outside, in spite of the kids being sick this week, I’ll be starting off a crockpot dinner for our return: Crockpot Coconut Quinoa Curry. This is pantry dish as I have quinoa and canned coconut milk on hand 🙂

I will save the pantry clean up for another day as it certainly needs to get done.

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