Twenty One Days…

Picture from 21_21 Designs

Can you do it in twenty one days? Can you commit to changing your habits to create a new, healthier, more desirable habit?

We can thank the highly intelligent and wonderful doctor, Dr. Maxwell Maltz for his dedication to his patients and for his discovery of the “21 days” rule. It all started off as Dr. Malts performed life altering surgeries — such as amputations — and discovered that it took, on average, 21 days of repeated behaviour for the patients to accept their newly changed lives.

His findings were published in a fairly well-known (think over 25 million copies distributed) book entitled Psycho-Cybernetics (1960): A self help book dedicated to setting achievable goals and helping readers come to achieve them.

Even today, it is believed that 21 days of continually performing a certain behaviour will create a habit. Those first Twenty One Days are the reason behind this site’s name. Now is better than later to start working on new habits to help, challenge, and change ourselves!

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