Introduction to the Nursing Arts

This activity is basically a work through of the laboratory that we work in through this course. It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the dolls, the beds and how all of them work (you never know what one you’re going to get for each assessment!) Take a look at the sinks, the supplies you are given, where the linens are, and so forth.

Nursing arts is all about practical knowledge and technical skill. You will be assessed on skills that you learn. If you are offered an “open lab,” take it! Ask an instructor to watch you after you’ve practiced a skill so that they can give you pointers. Sometimes, questions don’t pop into your head until after you have an instructor watching you… Don’t let that time happen during an assessment 😉

Take time to reflect on yourself and what you have learned, what you can improve on, and so forth. Nursing is an art.

Tips for being successful in this course: Read pertinent material prior to the class. Read your learning activities ahead of time, read related materials, overview any skills that you might be learning so that you know them, practice, practice, practice, ask for feedback from your instructors, and practice some more.

Some things that will come up a lot for your evaluations:

  • Proper identification of your patient or client: Ask them their name, check ID bracelet, ask birthdate, and/or ask them to spell their name.
  • Talk with your client about what you are doing or are about to do and get their consent prior to continuing. Position them appropriately before, during, and after any procedures: Position for safety, comfort, and for skills.
  • Be prepared: gather supplies appropriately.
  • Be safe: check safety of equipment, practice proper body mechanics, perform appropriate.
  • See if you can think of more 🙂

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