Vitamin D and the Sun

Vitamin D is an important vitamin for us humans. We get most of our vitamin D from the sun — about 90% is actually from the sun. During the summer, we can get a lot of vitamin D because we tend to go outside more and the sun is shining closer to us. Unfortunately, this also means that we can get more damage from the sun.

On average, we need 4-16 minutes of sun exposure daily to obtain the recommended levels of vitamin D in ourselves. This is off lighter skinned people, however. Darker skinned people actually require more sun exposure in order to get the recommended amount of vitamin D.

Most people in northern countries are deficient in vitamin D because of our lives lived behind electronics while indoors, but also because of our distance from the sun and tendency to not have as much direct sunshine.

Lacking in this sunshine vitamin can lead to osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, and depression amongst other things. Vitamin D helps us to absorb calcium, which is why it is often added to calcium rich drinks, such as milk.

I’ve had an overdose of vitamin D this past weekend while on a trip to Gold River. Such a beautiful place and am I ever thankful that the sun shows its gorgeous face to us. Love.

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